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Meet Lori Pratt

Your Real Estate Professional at Dorado 

Lori Pratt understands very well the attraction this beautiful island holds for those who are seeking a new residence in this sun-drenched paradise. Lori has devoted much of her working life to helping customers solve their problems, providing the finest client services along the way. Her many years with American Airlines honed her people skills and sharpened her ability to solve any problem she encountered. Lori’s tenacity and results oriented personality are evident to everyone she meets. 

She is client driven and highly motivated to help them find the perfect real estate solution for their needs. Lori spends a great deal of time enhancing her already unmatched understanding of the Dorado real estate market. She continually upgrades her knowledge of all property listings and has a finger on the pulse of the Dorado area. Lori understands your thirst for up to date real estate market information and her professional focus means you get only top quality information. 

Lori wants all her future clients to know that her commitment to them will be constant and her reliability will be clear. Lori understands your situation and does whatever she can to ease your mind and make your real estate transaction process as smoothly as possible. She encourages your questions and as an expert in the real estate industry, she will have the answers you must have to make your decision.